Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Air Conditioner? 

One fundamental thing to consider for your air conditioning installation is the position for your indoor and outdoor units. Placing them in the right spots helps regulate room temperatures while saving costs. With the central air conditioning system significantly impacting home energy consumption costs, it is practical to take steps to find the right location for long-lasting performance at optimal energy levels.

Fortunately, this article offers everything you need to select the right size, model, and best place to put your air conditioner in your home.

Choose A Location With Enough Space For Your Outdoor Unit

It is common to see fewer people paying attention to the air conditioning system location. Meanwhile, finding a good spot for your outdoor condenser is crucial for its performance. Generally, air conditioning systems work more efficiently when they have a lot of room to operate. This is why you should ensure your outdoor unit has sufficient breathing space to release the heat from inside your home. For optimal performance and results, clear the area around the condenser unit to promote unrestricted fresh airflow. Additionally, ensure the location is easily accessible for maintenance works.

Provide Proper Shading To Your Outdoor Unit

Your air condition system needs to work extra when it's exposed to direct sunlight to offer sufficient indoor cooling. Shielding the outdoor unit from direct sunlight exposure is excellent for efficiency improvement to reduce your energy consumption. Providing adequate shading is a significant factor to consider when finding the best place to position your air conditioner. Overheating affects the service life and performance of air condition systems. In the right location and best conditions, your AC can operate more efficiently, reduce your cooling costs, and extend its service life.

Go For Mulch Or Grass Surrounding

Air-condition units require installation on solid, form surfaces. Despite this, it is essential to ensure no stone, concrete, or cement structure is close to the unit. Substances like stones or cement radiate sunlight heat and increase the temperature ambiance around the system. This means it will require working a little extra than being positioned far from any hard surfaces. Experts have recommended installing your outdoor units around mulch or grass to keep them always cool.

Raise Condenser Unit High Enough

It is vital to ensure your condenser moves towards your room's bottom part since cold air has a higher density. Keep this tip in mind for sufficient cooling when installing your AC system. Your unit may not offer the needed results when positioned closer to the ground—this means more energy consumption for optimal cooling effect.

Make It Off Limits For Your Pet

If you have a pet, let's say a dog, or have your neighbors' dog frequenting your home. It is vital to have a barrier for your air condition unit. The dog can urinate on the system or chew on electrical or refrigerant line insulation. This isn't only harmful to the system but to the dog too.

Consider Your Other Outdoor Activities

If you spend regular time in the outdoor area of your home, for example, your patio or backdoor deck, then more consideration should go into positioning your air condition system. Manufacturers design air conditioners to generate less noise. Yet, it is recommended to keep them a bit away from where your family spends their most time.

It is vital to give your air conditioner space to breathe. Bushes and shrubs near your air conditioner wouldn't only make it challenging to service but prevent airflow. You can contact the Wright Air Condition & Heating Co. for expert advice to properly position your air conditioner in your home.