5 Tips to Prepare Your Home's AC System for Summer

Summer is fast approaching and now is the best time to make sure that your home's air conditioning system is ready to take on the heat. As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your home is comfortable and cool during the hot months, and that your air conditioning system is working at its best. Here are 5 tips that you can follow to prepare your home's air conditioning system for summer.

1. Clean the air conditioning unit

During the winter season, your air conditioning unit might have collected debris from leaves and other outdoor elements. Clean your unit by removing and washing the filter and removing any debris lodged in the unit. This is important to ensure that the air filters are not clogged, and that the air conditioner is not working harder than it needs to in order to cool your home.

2. Check the air conditioner's refrigerant level

 If your air conditioning unit has low refrigerant levels, it will not be able to cool your home to the desired temperature. It is recommended to call an HVAC professional to check and refill the refrigerant levels. This will also help in preventing wear and tear of the unit, and can extend the lifespan of your machine. Call Wright Air Conditioning & Heating Co Inc to learn more and schedule an appointment!

3. Inspect the air ducts

Inspect your home's air ducts for any signs of damage, leaks, or blockages. When your ducts are not properly insulated, it can cause your air conditioning unit to work harder, leading to higher energy bills. If you find any issues, call a professional to repair or replace the ducts.

4. Upgrade your thermostat

Consider upgrading your thermostat to a smart one that can control and adjust the temperature of your home remotely. This way, you can conserve energy by setting a schedule or remotely turning the unit on and off.

5. Schedule regular maintenance

An air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance to keep it working efficiently. By scheduling annual maintenance with a professional, like the ones at Wright Air Conditioning & Heating Co Inc, they can check the electrical connections, filters, and refrigerant levels, and address any issues before they become major problems.

With summer just around the corner, it is important to prepare your home's air conditioning system for the hot and humid months ahead. By following these 5 tips, you can ensure that your air conditioning unit is working at its best, keeping your home cool and comfortable while saving energy and money on your bills. Don't hesitate to call Wright Air Conditioning & Heating Co Inc if you encounter any issues, as they can help you with repairs and maintenance to keep your air conditioning system working efficiently.